Take your B2B Strategy to the Next Level with These LinkedIn Marketing Tips

While Twitter and Facebook may seem like the more popular social media sites, they don’t have the same appeal as LinkedIn for B2B marketing. Ove the past six years, the membership of LinkedIn has grown to more than 50 million users. This, along with many other things, has made it one of the best sites for business-to-business marketing.

There are several ways to take your LinkedIn B2B marketing to the next level. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Optimize your Page and Tabs

Your company page should be fully optimized for the right keywords, but it doesn’t end there. Also, make sure you optimize all products and services tabs to reach a larger audience.

Banner Images Make a Difference

Just like on Facebook and Twitter, the banner image you choose will represent your company. Make sure you invest in a high quality image of the right size (646 x 220).

Create a Variety Content Strategy

Nobody wants to see only the same updates and posts over and over again. Use a diverse strategy for content including articles, news, offers, blog posts and other forms of content to ensure you get the most out of every post. It can also include relevant posts from other websites and blogs.

Use Images and Video

Video and images will speak volumes to your audience and help you gain more traction. Use them frequently in posts and updates.

Use Groups and Use them Correctly

Groups on LinkedIn are very powerful. However, if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll end getting kicked out and that won’t help you at all. Instead, listen to those in the groups, offer assistance when you can and have conversations with the members.

Invest in Paid Advertising

For as low as $10 per day, you can draw a ton of attention to your company through LinkedIn paid advertising. There are several ways to target your advertising to specific individuals, job titles, locations and so much more. With the right ad copy, you’ll be able to direct visitors to a good landing page and gain more clients for your business.

Watch the Insights

LinkedIn will provide you with analytics and insights to show you who are paying attention to your things. Use this information and you’ll find more success with your LinkedIn marketing.

If you want to explode your B2B marketing, LinkedIn provides one of the best options. Create the right marketing and content plan and you’ll soon have more leads than you could imagine from this very powerful social networking site.

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