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We are devoted to helping retail companies reach their highest selling potentials. Currently, our team promotes thousands of products across all verticals on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. Thanks to our proprietary systems and optimization strategies, we help our clients increase revenue by an average of 200%. Even better, the affordability of our results is unprecedented. As our partner, our success is your success.

Amazon Management Services

There are many moving parts to running an Amazon business. As the seller, you already have your hands full with branding, product selection, working with manufacturers, inventory control, and more. Selling your products on Amazon is a whole other playing field, and it’s one that is a full-time job.

At BrightStag, we are a team of Amazon account management specialists. We offer a host of One-Time and Ongoing Services that are customized to meet all of your Amazon needs and handle any challenges encountered along the way.

We know Amazon inside and out, and therefore, we’re able to implement proven strategies that lead to higher sales. Let us handle the Amazon part, so you have more time to grow your business.

Ready to Dominate on Amazon? We Can Help!



To be successful on Amazon, you need product listings that convert. We offer the following services – on an as-needed basis –  to assure that your products make the right impression and convince customers to hit the “Add to Cart” button.

  • Product Photography – Showcase your products in the best possible light, literally.
  • Infographic Creation – Visually highlight product benefits and differentiators.
  • Keyword Optimized Listing Copy – Organically insert high-volume, relevant keywords, so your listing appears at the top of customer searches.
  • Video Creation – Convince customers why your product is superior or create a short “how-to” demonstration with a short video clip.
  • Enhanced Brand Content – Incorporate branding into your listing with your logo, additional images, company backstory, and other visual components which lead to higher conversions.
  • Storefront Buildout – Cross-sell multiple products and showcase your full product offerings through an Amazon Storefront.


For an affordable, monthly retainer fee, we offer the following ongoing services that take care of all of your Amazon needs on a daily basis.

Strategy – Increase Listing Traffic

First and foremost, customers must visit your listing before they can buy. By building on the strategies listed below, we promise – they will come.

  • Listing Optimization – Make changes as needed to increase conversion rates.
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads Campaign – Maximize your ROI with pay-per-click ads.
  • Positive Review Building Strategy – Get more 5-star reviews, which directly lead to higher sales.
  • Coupons, Deals, Promotions – Offer more incentives for customers to buy from you instead of competitors.
  • Social Ads – Run ads on Facebook & Instagram to drive outside traffic to your listing.
  • Influencer Marketing – Get social media influencers to post about your products.
  • Google PPC – Drive more outside traffic to your listing to improve your Amazon search ranking.

Your Partner in Crisis

Implementing effective strategies is only part of the equation that equals Amazon success. Many times, challenges arise which are out of your control. From negative customer reviews to getting your listing suspended, these setbacks can cause you to lose significant revenue.

We’ve dealt with all the Amazon annoyances that inevitably pop up. We’ll use our expertise to resolve any issue immediately. This includes:

  • Problem Solving and Communication with Amazon Support When Needed
  • Stranded Inventory Resolution
  • Negative Feedback Removal
  • Brand Protection

Day-to-Day Account Services

Below are the services we offer on a regular basis, to assure your amazon business is running as it should, and nothing is falling through the cracks that would negatively impact your sales.

  • Shipment Organization and Reconciliation
  • New Items Listing Setup
  • Monthly Reporting
  • FBA Support
  • Listing Maintenance and Fixes
  • Setup, Manage, Evaluate, and Adjust Ad Campaigns
  • Product Pricing
  • Keyword Research and Utilization

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