How to Get the Attention of Your Market on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn offers a unique and very powerful way to market your business, product, service or brand, it doesn’t do much good if you cannot attract the attention of your target market. Plenty of prospects are waiting to hear from you, but they won’t find you without a strategy to grab their attention. Here are four quick tips to ensure you gain the attention of more prospects on LinkedIn.

Keep Posts and Updates Interesting

Attracting prospects means you need interesting, thought-proving or entertaining content. Your status updates and posts should be compelling and start conversations with prospects. While you don’t need to write all of the content yourself, it needs to grab attention through the headline, image, video or caption.

Leave Comments

One of the fastest ways to start or join a conversation is by leaving a comment on someone else’s post/update. This will not only help to engage interested prospects, but it will also help to strengthen your relationship with existing customers.

Make sure the comments you leave are high in quality, however. Just agreeing or leaving a generic comment won’t do much to move the conversation forward. If you have a helpful response or something interesting to add to the conversation, leave it as a comment.

Join Relevant Groups

LinkedIn groups are excellent for networking and marketing. However, you cannot just join any group and start spamming it. Instead, you need to join relevant groups and start providing good information for the members. Join conversations and start sharing your best posts within the groups.

Avoid Salesy Talk

Salesy talk won’t get you very far with LinkedIn marketing. Instead, you should aim to help people with their issues. When you see an opportunity to be helpful, use it to build a relationship instead of selling a product or service.

LinkedIn B2B marketing isn’t about selling. Instead, it’s about building relationships. The sales will follow, if you take the time to build relationships by helping people instead of trying to sell them.

Gaining the attention of prospects isn’t rocket science. It’s actually really easy, if you follow these four tips and you create a full content strategy for your LinkedIn marketing.

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