Creating a company page on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. It can be a great way to attract attention to your business and use LinkedIn to connect with other business executives. While you may think LinkedIn is only for those looking for jobs, it’s actually a great way to grow your professional network.

Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

Before we get to how to create a company page on LinkedIn, it’s important to understand a few of the benefits the page will provide. Of course, the page will allow you to tell the story of your company, engage with others on LinkedIn, find leads and even share career opportunities. Along with these benefits, a company page will also provide:

  • The ability to create shareable content and provide it for your audience and followers.
  • A great place to introduce new products and services.
  • The opportunity to differentiate yourself from competing companies.
  • An excellent resource for finding and screening potential job candidates, both employees and freelancers.
  • A way to keep up with what your competition is doing.
  • The opportunity to improve your search engine ranking and overall website SEO.

There are many other benefits to creating a company page on LinkedIn, but these are some of the main benefits you will experience.

Steps for Creating Your LinkedIn Company Page

Adding your company page to LinkedIn is rather easy. You will need to have a personal LinkedIn profile first and it must be set up with your real first and last name. You will also want to make sure you meet the LinkedIn requirements for a company page and double check to make sure your company doesn’t already have one.

To easily add your Company Page to LinkedIn:

  • Start by moving your mouse cursor over “Interests,” which is found at the top of your profile homepage. From here, select “Companies.”
  • Click “Create” on the right, found under the “Create a Company Page” section.
  • Now, enter the official name of your company, along with your work email address.
  • Click the “Continue” button and enter your company information.

Along with these steps, you may need to confirm your work email address and follow any instructions provided in the confirmation email. You won’t be able to preview your Company Page until it has been published. You will also need to provide a company description of at least 250 characters, along with a company website URL in order to publish your LinkedIn company page.

Once you follow these steps, you’ll be all set with a new LinkedIn Company Page. Now you can start promoting content, building your network and building brand awareness with your new company page.

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