LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

Creating a company page on LinkedIn comes with many benefits. However, if you want to realize all of the many benefits, you need to understand the LinkedIn company page best practices to follow. Here are some of the top tips and insights you can use to make sure you gain plenty of benefits from your LinkedIn company page.

Always Sponsor Your Best Content

Of course, part of having a company page is the ability to share plenty of updates organically. However, when you come across an update that your readers really like, you want to use Sponsored Updates to gain a larger audience. This will allow you to use the highly targeted features of LinkedIn to reach beyond just your followers.

Answer Questions and Solve Problems

When you want to engage readers through a LinkedIn company page, you want to post updates regularly. However, these updates only provide benefit if they answer questions or solve problems your audience might encounter. Understanding your audience will help you find out what they need. Then, you can provide updates that answer their questions and solve their issues.

Ask Your Followers

If you don’t know what your followers want, ask them. People on LinkedIn love to engage with short quizzes, surveys or other interesting contests. This allows you to find out more about your audience at the same time. By humanizing your company with updates that start conversations, you can find out what your audience really wants.

Use Relevant Images and Thumbnails

Pictures are worth at least 1,000 words and using a relevant picture with your post will go a long way. Including images helps the content relate better to your audience and gives it a better chance of getting shared. This is one of the best ways to drive engagement on your LinkedIn company page.

When the images you provide are eye-catching and compelling, they will go a long way to engaging your audience. Whether you use bright colored imaged or beautiful landscapes, make sure they stand out.

Use Showcase Pages to Show Off Business Entities

If you provide more than just one business entity, you can use Showcase Pages to show them all off. This can be used for different product lines or for different businesses under the same owner. With Showcase Pages, you can better serve your audience by providing relevant content for each target audience.

Share News and Exclusive Company Content

When you want to keep your followers up-to-date on what’s going on with your business, share exclusive news with them on your LinkedIn Company Page. This helps to keep your audience engaged and gives you the perfect place to provide sneak peeks at new products, services or upcoming changes.

When you decide using a LinkedIn Company Page is going to be a part of your marketing strategy, you need to follow specific best practices. It’s not going to benefit your company if you never share updates or the updates are not very relevant to your audience. Use the above tips and you’ll be better on your way to creating one of the most engaging company pages on LinkedIn this year.

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