Landing Page Optimization Tips

Let’s get one thing straight right off – An optimized landing page is the key to conversions. This is where you generate leads and ultimately convert those leads into sales. And simply stated, a substandard landing page is going to give you probably zilch in the way of leads, which will mean little in the way of sales. So, how are you going to optimize your landing page so that it generates leads? Here are some tips.

Keep it Clean

 By this I don’t mean “Avoid smut.” If your business is sexy lingerie or adult videos, then that wouldn’t make much sense, would it? What I mean by this is, don’t clutter up you landing page with a lot of videos, images and general clutter. People want to go to your landing page and get what they want right away, and if they don’t get it, they will bail. You won’t convert them – you’ll just send them somewhere else.

Make it Easy

 It’s sad to say, but most of the time these days, people don’t want to have to read. They want information that’s there, right at their fingertips, and they don’t want to have to think. So give them what they need right away, in the form of bullet points.

Use White Space

 The last thing people want to look at is a lot of clutter. So make sure to use a lot of white space between your offer, your benefit, and your CTA.

Keep It Visual

 Again, people don’t want to read a lot of text. So, use images instead of words whenever possible.

Observe the 5 Second Rule

 No, this isn’t the one where your kid drops something on the floor and you tell him that it’s okay to eat it as long as it hasn’t been on the floor for more than five seconds. What this means is that you usually have about five seconds to engage someone’s interest, and if you haven’t done it by that time, they’ll look elsewhere.

What you should do here is bring your friends onboard, ask them to look at your landing page, and ask them if they would spend any more than five seconds there if it wasn’t YOUR page and if they weren’t YOUR friend. Pay attention to what they tell you. If you can’t hold someone’s interest for more than five seconds, then you have to go back and really reconsider your landing page, because if five seconds is what it takes, then you’ve lost a prospect.

Use a Great CTA

 You could have the best landing page in the world, but if you’re not asking your potential customers to do something, then you’re dead in the water. Your CTA (call to action) is nothing more nor less than what you are asking your customer to do. Buy? Ask for more information? Download something?

ASK. And make sure that your CTA buttons are very clear – “Click here to get a free ebook”, “Click here to get half off”, “Click here for peace in our lifetime.”

Well, okay, not “Peace in our lifetime,” but you get the idea. Ask them to do something, and then give them something in return. What you’re doing is asking for something of value (their email address, perhaps) and then offering something of value in return.

What you want to do is convey a sense of urgency. You can also do that by pointing out that your offer will only be available for a limited time. So: “Click now, offer expires in two weeks!”  “Coupon expires January 31!” And so on.

Gather Information

 To fully optimize your landing page conversion, you need to know your customer. So, do your research, and ask your customers to help you with your research. Have them fill out a survey, and offer a reward. Maybe you could give something away based on a draw from everyone who filled out a customer survey. Or give a discount simply for filling out the survey. If you know who your customers are, that’s half the battle. Basically, the better you know your customer, the more you can do to appeal to him or her.

The Final Word

 We could go on and on about your ideal customer and how to identify him or her once they end up on your landing page. This should get you started, though.

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