Inbound Marketing Tips Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides one of the best ways to grow your company when it comes to social networking. While Facebook and Twitter may be the two main channels you can use for social media marketing, LinkedIn gives any business a more targeted approach with a higher conversion rate. In fact, the conversion rate may be as much as three times as high compared to both Facebook and Twitter.

For those involved in inbound marketing, this is huge. LinkedIn isn’t just another social site to throw into the mix. When used properly, it provides a way to grow quickly and for the long term. Here are a few of the top inbound marketing tips you can use to grow your company with LinkedIn.

Use Frequent Posts and Updates

Just as with any social networking site, regular updates and posts make a difference. Of course, the content needs to be high in quality and there is such thing as too frequent. With LinkedIn, you want to provide updates for your audience regularly, along with providing posts with usable content.

Since you have the ability to schedule your posting ahead of time, you can take advantage of providing regular updates without the need to be on LinkedIn for hours upon hours. For example, HubSpot’s social media publishing tool fits the bill nicely and gives you a full suite of analytics to track results. It’s also a good idea to share relevant news from your industry and anything else your followers may be interested in.

Groups Make a Difference

Interacting with relevant groups where your target audience is hanging out on LinkedIn can help you generate leads and build your network. With thousands of highly targeted groups on LinkedIn, you can easily take advantage of those fitting within your target market. Become an influencer in these groups and you will be able to grow your company easily and quickly.

Make Sure Everything is Optimized

Without proper optimization, you may not get nearly as much out of your posts or company page. Start with your company page and make sure to use industry-related keywords in the description. This will help you become listed for those keywords and attract the right type of traffic to your company page.

Along with your company page, you want to optimize your updates and posts. This will help to ensure you gain more exposure for your company. Use attention-grabbing headlines and images/videos within posts when it fits. The right timing of your posts is another great way to fully optimize them for maximum exposure. Don’t forget to include a Call To Action (CTA) to drive traffic to your offers on each post as well.

Share Only Great Content

If the content you want to share doesn’t help, inform or entertain your audience, don’t bother. Those following you won’t respond the same to a post or update they believe isn’t going to help them in some way. Make sure the content is thought-provoking and provides relevant information for your audience. A good mix of topics will also help ensure you are sharing high quality content. Developing buyer personas will help guide your content creation strategy by knowing exactly what your audience wants.

Use LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to expand your reach with articles from your blog. Readers on Pulse will find articles and trending stories within their industry and include them in their own blog articles. This can help to increase traffic to your own blog and even your LinkedIn company page.

Start and Join Conversations

All social media sites provide a two-way channel you can use for conversations. You have the ability to join and start conversations on LinkedIn, which may lead to business growth. Interaction goes a long way with social media marketing. The more proactive and interactive you become, the better your audience will respond.

Track Everything

Of course, you need to track the analytics to see what people are responding to and what they don’t really care for. This will help you to determine which types of updates and posts are most interactive. Understanding what is working will help you duplicate those efforts and grow your company even more through LinkedIn.

There are several things you can do to set yourself up for success with LinkedIn. Use these seven tips to start growing your company today.

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