B2B PPC Tips to Improve Campaign Performance

The best markets never miss out on a great opportunity, such as Google AdWords. With such a huge amount of daily searches, Google is one of the top traffic generators on the internet. Millions count on Google to help them find what they are after every single day.

Google AdWords allows marketers to put their message right in front of these millions. With a well targeted AdWords campaign your marketing will become much better. Here are four tips to help you upgrade your B2B search marketing with AdWords.

Use Extensions to Enhance Ads

You can use many different extensions within AdWords to beef up your ads. The extensions will allow you to take up more of the ad space and push competitors lower in the results. You’ll also be able to give searchers the ability to learn about your company without even clicking. Google will also give you a higher quality score, which means you get a lower cost per click for your marketing budget.

There’s a huge upside to using AdWords extensions to make your advertising better. Since there is a character limit for your ad, these extensions make it possible to give searchers more information without paying for a click right away.

Landing Pages Make All the Difference

You can have the best AdWords campaign and the perfect keywords, but if your landing pages don’t cause people to take action, you’re campaign won’t work. Imagine you have hundreds of people clicking on your Google AdWords ads each day, but nobody is converting when they reach your site. You’d feel like you’re living in a marketer’s nightmare.

When you have a landing page that sells or causes action, you’ll feel like it’s a marketer’s dream. Professionally designed landing pages will take the visitor and turn them into a lead or sale without much effort. Typically, your landing page should be a content download or some type of direct-response. This will give you the best chance of converting visitors into leads and using the rest of your system to turn leads into sales.

Create Multiple Conversion Opportunities

While a simple landing page with one way to take action is great, sometimes it’s better to have multiple conversion opportunities. For example, you can include a way to get a free guide if someone enters their name and email, along with a way for the visitor to directly contact you now, such as a chat. This allows the visitor to decide which action they want to take instead of feeling forced into one type of action only.

Keyword Organization is Key

By organizing your keywords into ad groups, you’ll be able to better track what’s working and what’s not working. For example, you can use themes for the keywords or you can divide them up based on specific locations. This will also allow you to create different ads for each set of keywords and better target the searcher.

Even if you don’t have multiple keywords for an ad group, you can use just one. Sometimes, you don’t need more than the one keyword if no other keywords make sense for your marketing and that ad group.

There are several ways to use Google AdWords to increase your B2B marketing. Whether you sell a product or service, you can take advantage of this search marketing goldmine and generate more leads today.

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