Consider These Best Practices to Create Great Thank You Pages

A thank you page is usually where visitors are redirected after signing up for an offer or buying a product. It’s nice to say thank you and confirm the transaction was a success. However, there’s far more to a thank you page than just thanking the customer.

Thank you pages provide a unique opportunity to upsell and deliver many benefits to companies. Here’s a look at some best practices that you can consider to craft some truly great thank you pages.

Don’t Leave Your Visitors Stranded

The primary purpose of a landing page is the singular goal of getting someone to opt-in to your form. With that being said, your offer, web copy and page design have been painstakingly crafted with that being the only goal in mind.

In some cases, the site navigation is removed completely just to keep people focused on the offer. This prevents them from getting side tracked exploring other content and is considered a best practice by many landing page pros.

Leaving them trapped on your landing page after converting though may be to your detriment. They may simply choose to leave your site completely since you are not providing a compelling next step for them to take.

Helps Keep Visitors Engaged

A good thank you page has plenty of power to continue the relationship building process by keeping the visitor engaged. You can give them a free gift, upsell with similar products or services, provide links to suggested reading such as blog posts, testimonials, case studies and other product descriptions or even provide the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter or speak with your sales team.

Instead of ending the interaction as soon as the form has been submitted, you can continue engaging the visitor. For example, doesn’t it make sense to offer them another relevant piece of content that may be of interest to them as well? Sure does!

You may also suggest the visitor to follow you on Social Media or even share your offer on Social Media. They’ve already completed the act of opting in for your offer, why not ask them to do something else that will help build the relationship further or provide value to their following.

Makes the Experience More Personal

Would you rather sign up for an offer and receive a generic thank you message or an actual thank you page with a message or video from the owner or CEO of the company?

Again, this is an opportunity to engage your visitor and build your trust with them. Use the space to provide more value by embedding a video or writing your thank you in the form of a letter with a closing and your actual signature.

Simple Acknowledgement of Success

We’ve probably all filled out a contact form or subscription form only to be redirected to the homepage or back to the form’s original page. This can be rather annoying as we don’t know if our request went through. As a company, this can cause you to receive many duplicate submissions, as well.

Great thank you pages can simply provide acknowledgement of success with the request. This can help ensure visitors that their action was a success and put their mind at ease.

In summary, if you really want to impress your customers and take advantage of building a relationship, use a well-designed thank you page instead of just a thank you message that shows up in place of your form.

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