Use these Lead Generation Offers to Turn Visitors into Leads

Providing a strong offer is a great way to generate new leads for your business. With the right offer, you can have the leads flowing in as fast as you would like. Here’s a look at a few of the top offers to use when lead generation is your most important goal.


One of the most popular and best offers to use is an ebook you can give away free. It’s inexpensive as you just have to pay to have it created or take the time to do it yourself. In addition, when it’s done right, you will be providing your leads with something of value.

Once you have an ebook worthy of giving away, you can even promote your paid offer within the ebook. Plus, this will get your leads to sign up to receive regular emails from you, which will help lead them into your sales funnel.


Unlike like an e-book which is usually a more casual, heavily designed piece of content, whitepapers are generally more academic and authoritative in nature.

They are persuasive, detailed, informative and written to first present a problem and then provide a solution.

From a marketing perspective, whitepapers are used to educate an audience about a particular issue and can be considered advanced problem solving guides.

Guides / Video Courses

Guides come in many different forms, but what they all share is that are basically tutorials of some kind. You can create an in-depth “ultimate” guide or something more “simple” in nature. Many guides include step by step instructions which make them really valuable to a prospect and an irresistible download to someone in need.

Courses, like guides, are generally tutorials of some sort. Videos are extremely high value and can help you build a relationship with your prospect even before you talk or meet with them.

You can choose to film and edit the videos in house or have a professional do it for you. Alternatively, you can even do a live video event via Google Hangout, YouTube or Facebook live.

Email Series

This is a finite number of emails prewritten and set up on an auto-responder and sent out as a series. These too tend to be educational in nature. For example, you can create a 7-day mini course and send out one email a day for week. These make for great opt-in offers due to their high value.

Checklists / Cheat Sheets

In a world where time is limited, heavy content that requires time to consume like eBooks and whitepapers are not always the best option. Sometimes, the more easily consumable content will not only convert better, but save you a ton of time and money too.

Short pieces of concise content like checklists and cheat sheets which readers can print out or easily reference on the computer make for irresistible offers. Keep the copy brief, easy to read and spend time creating a nice colorful design.

Demos / Trials

Consider a demo or free trial for prospects that are ready to learn more about your product or service so they can make a final purchase decision. We tend to see this the most for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies.

Make it easy for visitors to schedule or start the trial by placing calls-to action on key areas of your website, homepage included. Definitely include strong CTA’s on pages where the key features and benefits of your product or service are highlighted.


People love the opportunity to be able win something, especially if the perceived value of the giveaway is high. Generally speaking, the more valuable the giveaway the better the response, so keep that in mind when you are creating the offer. Contents can be run on your website and/or any social media platform including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Coupons and Coupon Codes

Have you ever submitted your name and email when you visited a site because you were already thinking of buying and they offered a coupon code? This is a great way to strengthen the visitors confidence in buying, especially if they were about to buy, anyway.

By offering a percentage coupon for their first order, you will not only land more leads on your email list, but you may also increase the number of products the buyer purchases the first time around.

Host a Webinar

If you want to generate highly targeted leads, host a webinar. If the webinar offers real value to your target market, it will be full of leads you can work and turn into buyers. When a webinar offers plenty of value, visitors will jump at the chance to give you contact info in exchange for attending the webinar free of charge.

Make sure you ask qualified questions on the sign-up page or you may end up with lower quality leads. This can also help you to shape the webinar, if you ask what those interested are hoping to get from the webinar.

These are several great ways to generate leads online. All of these offers provide very powerful ways to build an email list, social following and get new leads into your sales funnel.

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