Are You Posting Too Much on Social Media?

Nobody wants to open an inbox full of spam messages. This is no different when it comes to social media. It can become rather annoying when someone you follow posts constantly and fills up your newsfeed.

While posting frequently is good for marketing, there is a line. Understand how much is too much when it comes to social media posting is very important. Crossing this line could cost you prospects and even sales. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think you might be posting to frequently on social media.

Is your content only promotional?

If you’re just posting coupon codes, ads and other promotions all day, you’re on the fast path to losing the interest of followers. This will get you blocked, deleted and cost you in the long run. While you need to be able to promote your products and services, it cannot be all about promotions.

A great strategy for promoting and posting to social media is to follow the 70/20/10 rule. This rule allows you to provide value for your audience, while still promoting your products and services. Only 10% of your posts should be promotion, while 70% should provide quality content and 20% should be shared posts from others.

Another school of thought comes from Kipp Bodnar’s B2B Social Media Book. He suggests following the 10-4-1 Rule, which serves as a guideline for balancing out the types of content to share on social media. For every 15 posts, make 10 of those other people’s content, 4 pieces of content from your blog and 1 a direct offer, meaning one of your landing pages.

Both of the above strategies can be tested and tweaked to meet the needs of your business.

Are you sharing high quality content?

Quality will always trump quantity when it comes to social media posting and marketing. One high quality post a day is far better than five low quality posts. If your audience isn’t interested in reading what you post, it’s useless to waste your time.

You don’t want to just share things to look active. Instead, have a plan and make sure everything you give your audience is quality content. It should be interesting, funny, cool, fun, trivia, tips or something else they will enjoy. Remember, people are following you for a reason and you don’t want to give them a reason to stop.

Are you losing followers?

If you notice a decrease in followers, it’s usually an indication that you’re posting too much, too little or low quality. Followers leave you because they feel like they are being spammed or not getting much value.

When followers leave, you need to adjust your posting strategy. With quality content and the right frequency, you won’t have to worry about losing many followers.

How Often to Post to Social Media

The frequency of your post may range, depending on the season, what’s going on with your company and what’s happening in your industry. Typically, you want to add posts that make readers stop and you only need one a day, if it’s high quality. Some very successful social media marketers don’t even post every single day, but post when it makes sense with what they are sharing. Others, post three to five times a day, but they only post the highest quality content.

Posting to Facebook is different than posting to Twitter. Facebook allows longer updates and they don’t need to be as frequent. Twitter, on the other hand, only allows 140 characters, so multiple posts per day won’t be as big of a deal on Twitter.

LinkedIn is a great choice for B2B marketing and allows you to reach an audience you may not find on Facebook or Twitter. However, when using LinkedIn, you really have to ensure your posts are high in quality or you’ll lose out on this marketing machine.

Take the time to put together a strategy for social media posting. Then, pay attention to the stats and you’ll be better off when it comes to making sure you don’t post too much to social media.

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