Why are Buyer Personas Important for Business?

The concept of customer personas was first introduced in 1999 by Alan Cooper. The goal was to use personas as a way to inform design strategy. While it was certainly important back then to have personas, it has become even more important in the current digital age.

Personas help to address behaviors found within buyers of your products and services. They can even help with predicting how buying behaviors will change. With well-defined personas, businesses have the ability to better target their audience and form marketing strategies aimed directly at their most likely buyers.

Why are customer personas important for business? The answer is simple, but also not so simple. Here are a few of the top reasons to use buyer personas for your business.

Provides a Common Definition of Your Buyers

With personas, you will have an easy way to see the commonalities and the differences among your buyers and additionally they help put the focus back on fulfilling the goals of the customer.

Better Results and ROI

Many studies have shown that B2B companies with buyer personas have achieved better performance results as a consequence. Companies often use buyer personas as part of an inbound marketing campaign to help shape their offers and content. This has become a proven strategy for a better overall ROI from inbound marketing efforts.

Help Shape Marketing Strategies

While defining your target market is vital to your marketing success, creating buyer personas takes this to a new level. With well-defined buyer personas, you will be able to create better and more productive marketing strategies that are in alignment with the needs and wants of your target audience. Personas have the ability to show a company who the buyers are, the problems they face, how they are evolving and the goals they plan to achieve.

Better Defined Customer Strategies

Along with shaping your company’s marketing, buyer personas will help with developing successful customer strategies after you have gained a new customer. This can be very helpful in keeping the customer and persuading the customer to spend more money with your company.

There are several other great reasons why personas are very important to businesses. If you want to make sure your marketing dollars are well spent and you’re getting as much out of every offer you provide as possible, you need well-defined buyer personas. Without personas, you may be wasting marketing dollars and you may not even know it.

How To Create Buyer Personas