Is email marketing dead?

Email marketing is still relevant because consumers benefit from it, and marketers get results in terms of increased revenue. Here are nine good reasons why you still need an email marketing campaign.

1. Incredible ROI

Imagine a 4,300% ROI – it is possible with email marketing. This means that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get $43 back.

2. Seamless Integration

With email marketing, you can let people know about your latest social media posts, direct them to special offers that are about to expire, alert them to events you are sponsoring, and so much more. There is virtually no limit to the amount of valuable information you can communicate via email that will lead people to your other marketing endeavors.

3. Affordability

Email marketing is very cost-effective. Think of the cost of radio and television advertising, and how much money you could be out if the campaign does not go well. With email marketing, the cost is so low that if you blow it once in a while, you can just try something else without incurring a huge loss.

4. Happy Customers

Customers love being informed, and they love to save money. With email marketing, you can alert your customers to new service offerings, special sales events and even offer links to coupons on your website. They save money, so they’re happy. You make money, so you’re happy too. Everyone wins.

5. Easy to Nurture Leads

Entrepreneur Magazine reports that nurtured leads can increase sales by 20% more than cold leads, and at 33% less cost than other means of lead generation. Email marketing also generates 50% more sales than other lead generation methods.

6. Reach Everyone

If your target market includes Baby Boomers and Gen-Y, you will get better results from that demographic with email marketing than you will using social media. The older the potential customer, the more likely they are to prefer email over, say, Facebook or Twitter.

In fact, across all age groups, email marketing is more effective than social media. It is 40 times more effective at reaching potential customers than social media, and people also typically spend about 17% more when responding to email marketing than with even the most popular (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) social media.

Don’t discount the importance of social media, though – if you add a social sharing button to your email, your click-through rate will improve by about 158% in comparison with emails that do not have a sharing button.

7. Easy to Use

Even small business owners who are not all that tech-savvy can easily learn how to do email marketing. Most of the technology is easily accessed via a web browser and the majority of the email marketing service platforms are generally user friendly with a mild learning curve.

 8. Get Noticed Fast

It is estimated that an amazing 91% of consumers check their email at least once daily. This means that you can reach virtually all of your target market in any given day. Additionally, 95% of consumers report that they enjoy receiving emails from companies that they are interested in.

9. Reach the Mobile Market

These days, hardly anyone is tied to a desktop or laptop computer. People are actually far more likely to check their emails on a smartphone or tablet.

Now, you may be wondering, why not just text your customers? There are two reasons – first, you will not be able to include nearly as much information in a text as you can in an email. Second, depending on the type of plan your customer has, sending a text could cost him or her – which is a pretty good way to alienate your customers.


Email marketing is definitely not dead. As long as your emails are engaging and useful, you will reap significant benefits from your email marketing campaign.

Note: This article is an excerpt taken from The Complete Guide To Email Marketing and Marketing Automation which is available as a FREE Download by clicking the graphic below.