Marketing Offers Made Easy with These Actionable Tips

When you make your marketing offers irresistible they provide far better results. Whether you do this on your own or hire an inbound marketing company to create your offers, it’s important to make sure they are done correctly. Here are seven tips to ensure your website uses only the most irresistible offers possible.

Buyer Personas Matters

When creating offers, first make sure you’ve gone through the process of creating buyer personas for your business. You need to understand who you will be targets, the problem this group of people has and why the offer is good for this persona. Without a customer persona in mind, it’s hard to have a clear path for creating your offer.

Provide a Solution for Pain

Every buyer has a pain point, regardless of the product or service. It doesn’t have to be an actual first aid kit or some type of grief counseling to hit on some type of pain for the consumer. When your marketing offer solves a real pain point for your audience it will become impossible to resist.

If you’re creating an offer to give away in return for subscribing to an email newsletter, it’s important to make sure the visitor has confidence the offer will solve a pain point they are suffering from.

The offer needs to be helpful to the persona you’re targeting or it won’t convert. In other words, the offer has to be valuable enough for someone to be willing to give you their email address in exchange for whatever it is you are giving away.

Avoid Corporate Words and Phrases

Words and phrases, such as ground breaking, scalable, next generation, cutting edge and other similar choices are not great for offers. Most people will see right through these corporate words and nobody really likes this type of talk.

Create Exclusivity, Scarcity or High Demand

One of the biggest secrets of creating an irresistible marketing offer visitors cannot refuse is instilling a sense of urgency. This is done by making the offer exclusive, seem scarce or creating high demand for it.

When consumers feel like they have to have it now or they might miss out, they’re likely to buy or sign up. On the other hand, if your offer makes it seem like your product or service is in high demand and super popular, consumers want to have it because of assumed peer pressure.

Of course, there is also a large percentage of people that want what others don’t have. By making an offer seem exclusive to a specific group, you’re likely to boost conversions.

Use Attention Grabbing Headlines

Just like with any other type of content put out on the internet, the headline matters, a lot! Your offer better have a great headline or you won’t even get that many people to stay on your page long enough to find out the details. Usually, the headline is the first thing people will see so make it compelling and relevant to their needs so they will read on.

Choose the Right Format for Your Offer

While creativity can be fun and innovative, it’s not always the best to be creative with your offer. Instead, you want to choose the format working best for you. Some of the most common choices include ebooks, guides, reports, kits, webinars, reports and demos. All of these formats have proven to be effective.

It is also important to have an understanding of where your prospect is in the buying cycle, often referred to as the buyer’s journey. This too will influence the type of marketing offers you’ll want to create.

Keep Things Updated

If you’re giving away a free beginners guide to SEO and it was written in 2010, you’re not providing any real value to the visitor. However, if you update this guide to include the most recent tips and tricks for SEO, even with the old content, it becomes valuable. Even better, if you made this a comparison of how SEO used to be and how it is today, it will provide even more value.

There are many great ways to ensure your marketing offers are irresistible and hit home with your targeted audience. When you incorporate these seven tips, you’ll have a better chance to convert more visitors into leads, buyers and subscribers for your offers.

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