Top Ways to Create Compelling Email Subject Lines

Let’s face it; your marketing emails are worthless if nobody opens them. Without a compelling email subject line, you may not get the open rate you need. One of the biggest challenges for inbound marketers is getting subscribers to open the emails you send.

It all rests on the subject line. If the subject of the email compels subscribers to open it, you have a chance to get your message across. Here are a few of the best ways to create the most compelling email subject lines possible.

Offer Something Free

Everybody loves free stuff. When your subject line mentions something will be free if they open the email, they are more likely to open the email. In fact, Sidekick found out that subscribers are 10% more likely to open your email, if the subject line includes the word “Free.”

Add a Call to Action

Just like you use call to action words/phrases on landing pages, they fit well in email subject lines. When the subject line uses words, such as “Save” or “Join” it gives the receiver some type of direction. You are telling them what to do and they are more likely to open your emails.

Personalize the Email

When you use the customer’s name in the subject line, your email has a better chance of getting opened. You can easily add in the first name with a personalization token. This will help to separate your email from your competition and increase your open rates.

Consider Mobile Devices

With the explosion of smartphones and tablets, you have to consider mobile devices when creating email subject lines. Consumers receiving your email on a mobile device won’t get a preview of the message; just a subject line. They will scan their inbox and may find longer subject lines not as compelling.

Keep it short and simple for those using mobile devices. When the subject line is longer than three or four words, it’s probably too long. You want to keep it very short and compelling to get those using mobile devices to open and read your emails.

Use a Question

Asking a compelling question in the subject line of an email may increase your open rates. It’s a great way to engage the customer before they even open your email. The right question will get a reaction from the receiver. In fact, some studies have shown that leading with a question increased the chances of getting a response by nearly 20%.

Make it Time Sensitive

When the offer you provide expires and you make this clear in the subject line, it’s more likely consumers will open your email. For example, if you’re offering a discount for a specific product, adding an expiration helps to ensure your email gets opened. Even just adding words, such as “Limited Time” or “Now” can provide a sense of urgency for consumers.

There are several ways to make your email subject lines more compelling. Use these tips and watch your open rates increase next time you send out an email marketing piece.